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23rd Street Auction wants to ensure that attending and buying at our Auction is always a positive enjoyable experience. A big misconception is that only certain people can buy at an Auction. The Auction    is always open to anyone and everyone! We try to make sure that a night at our Auction is fun, easy, and hopefully all of your purchases are a good investment! Our best advice is to plan your purchases, set your limits, and make sure you know what you're bidding on!    Do not get pre-occupied when items are being sold LISTEN CAREFULLY when each item is being described and sold. Please feel free to ask questions before the auction. Someone will always be available and happy to answer questions during preview times. 


How can I find out more about the pieces for sale?

We encourage you to preview the pieces we will be selling each sale. Preview times at our facility are usually 12pm Day of sale until sale time. One of our staff members is always available during preview    times to answer your questions. The selling price is greatly affected by the bidders in the audience on       any given Sale. 



How does your auction work?

Our auctions begin at the scheduled time sharp. In order to bid, you must register at the desk and receive a bidding number. You can register and participate at anytime throughout the auction, however we cannot guarantee when an item will be sold. We will describe each piece being sold, the auctioneer will start by asking "who'll give me $100…75… 50", until someone in the audience starts the bidding. The bidding continues until only one bidder remains. That bidder is the owner of the item!  


What if I want an item to be sold earlier in the sale?

If there is a particular item you'd like to bid on, please ask one of the head floor hands. If possible we will try to get the item or items up on the sale block as early as possible. Please keep in mind that we cannot sell everything in the first part of the sale. If you must leave and want to bid on an item(s), please ask someone to assist you. As a last resort, if you are unable to stay and the item has not come up yet, ask an associate at the counter or on the floor to assist you with a silent bid. 



How Do I Get the Auctioneer's Attention?

The best way to signal a bid to the auctioneer is simply to raise your bidding card so that the auctioneer can see your bidder number. The auctioneer will make eye contact with you and either point at you or nod his head to let you know that he's acknowledging your bid. If you are interested in bidding on a piece, but cannot get the auctioneer's attention, you may attract the auctioneer's attention by calling out. The saying "He who hesitates has lost" is especially true at an auction, don't wait until the last second to bid if you're interested.    Our best advice is to PREVIEW CAREFULLY, ask questions, and listen attentively to the description        of the item(s) being auctioned. Our floor hands will hold up each piece of merchandise for your benefit    so     that you can better see the item currently being auctioned. We strongly encourage you to pay close   attention to the item being auctioned. Be certain you are bidding on the item you intend to buy. 


How Do I Pay for My Purchase(s)?

All items must be paid for the day of sale once you have completed your bidding. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express or Cash. 


Will You Store My Purchase(s)?

 23rd Street Auction will work with you to keep your merchandise for a reasonable amount of time, but is not responsible for lost or damaged merchandise. We will have a designated pick-up time to facilitate    you in picking up your items. 



Like any business, the auction and antiques business uses words, which are familiar to those in the business, but may be unfamiliar to newcomers or first time auction-goers. We encourage you to listen carefully as the auctioneer introduces a piece and offers information, which may affect your bidding: 

"all for one money" Sometimes we will sell objects (like a set of silver, or a lot of glassware) as a group. In auction terms, we    call this "all for one money." 

"times the money" When we will sell similar objects (like matching vases, Lamps, or sets of chairs), we may sell them "times the money." The bidding is for each item. In other words, a set of 10 chairs selling at $75 each will have a total of $750.00 andd applicable sales tax. Again, listen to how the item is being sold. You will not be excused from purchase just because you were not paying attention. 

"period piece" or 

"reproduction"    The item up for auction may be a desk from the 1800's (19th C), or it may be a desk made many years later, in the style of 19th C furniture. If the desk was made in the 19th C (in this example), it is a true  "period piece" - built in the period of time when that style was popular. If the desk was made much later, then it's a reproduction. 


Items in the Auction?

We liquidate complete estates or individual items from people who may be downsizing, relocating, Liquidating, or simply upgrading. Please talk to Woody or Helen for more information on accepting      items for auction, and the commission fee(s) appropriate for your items. 


I have an Estate that I would like to liquidate without moving it to your Auction?


We do many onsite sales, and would be happy to meet with you to look at and discuss what would be better for you. Your location, type of merchandise, and amount of merchandise will play a role in what        we advise you to do. For any more questions, feel free to email us or call us (405) 464-4818                         or    (405) 833-2787. 

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